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Profiles Tab In Carnage Bot

Below you can see the profiles section in Carnage.

Here you can create your profiles that you want to run on our supported sites. You can also import and export your profiles in the top right corner. 

Tip: Import your profiles faster by using AYCD. Make sure you select the Carnage export.




Creating Profiles

Click "Create Profile" in the top right corner of the Profiles tab. This is what the profile creation window looks like:




Here you can enter all your personal details.

When entering phone number make sure you are using your country code for example +44.

After you have finished entering all your details you can click Create and the profile will be saved in the Profiles tab. You are now able to use this profile for your tasks.


One Checkout Per Profile

If you only want to do one checkout per profile you are able to activate that in the overview.




You are able to activate and deactivate QuickTasks for each profile withing the profiles section. Read more about QuickTasks here.



Random Profile

If you want to create a random profile for testing purposes you can simply click the random button in the top right corner and Carnage will create a random profile for you.


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