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Task Groups

Tasks Tab In Carnage Bot

Below you can see the tasks section in Carnage. Here you can create, delete and manage task groups that you want to run on certain sites.


You can manage your tasks and have actions for each individual task group that can be started, edited, duplicated and deleted. You also have the option "Start All" and "Stop All" to control all the tasks at once.


Creating Task Groups

You can create tasks by clicking  "Create" on the top of the task group page.

Below you can see the task group creation window:



Check individual task setup guides on our sitelist to see our recommendation on how to setup for each of our supported stores.


Adding Tasks to Task Groups

Simply click add task on the bottom left of the task group page and choose your profile, quantity and settings to add your tasks.





Delays are set individually on each task group creation page. Check the site guides for recommended delays for each of our supported stores.

Monitor Delay - This is the delay that sets how often Carnage will check the website to see if the product is in stock.

Retry Delay - This is the delay that sets how long Carnage will wait before retrying to checkout the product.

Timeout - Set the seconds here for the task to stop if there is no reaction.





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