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How to Install The Carnage Bot Extension.

Installation Guide For The Carnage Bot Extension

Firstly head over to our download page, you can also find this in our discord server, within the quick-links channel. Once it has finished downloading you should find a folder called Unzip this folder.

Next you need to head to your extensions management page on Chrome. To get to this, click the jigsaw icon on the top right on the browser, then click on "Manage Extensions". This should then take you to the page below.


In the top right of the Chrome tab you should see an option called "Developer Mode" make sure this is enabled. 


Next look in the top left of the Chrome tab and you will see "Load unpacked".

Click it and navigate to the unzipped folder.


Double click the extension folder and after that you should see a file called "Carnage Extension". Select this folder and the extension will pop up in Google Chrome.

Once you have your extension installed you are ready to go.


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