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How to Download Carnage Bot

Download Guide For Carnage Bot

Firstly head over to our download page. You can find the download by clicking this link.

Once you have downloaded our Carnage installer you will have a folder with a "Installer.exe" inside you need create a fresh folder on your desktop and place this file inside the new folder.

Open the installer and you should get a window popup asking for your license key: 


If you don't know what your license key is, you can check it via our dashboard.

Once you have logged into the dashboard you will see a section like this.


Click on the copy button next to your license key and paste your license key into the installer.

The installer will download all required files.


After the download has finished you can locate the Carnage.exe inside the folder and open it. After opening it you will see our welcome page.mceclip0.png

You can enter your key on this page with clicking activate and the bot will launch and you are ready to go.

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