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How to Download and Activate your Carnage Software.

Download Guide For Carnage Bot

Firstly head over to our download page. You can find the download by clicking this link.

Once you have succesfully downloaded Carnage, simply run the Carnage.exe on your desktop. The first time you launch Carnage, you will be prompted with this screen:


When you first launch Carnage, a folder will appear on your desktop. This folder will contains 9 files, these are Accounts, Logs, Proxies, Profiles, Quicktasks, Tasks, Amazon Session ,Settings and Success. Within the settings file, you will be able to input your Carnage Key. To do this, simply right click the file and open with Notepad. Once open, scroll along until you find the "key" section. Here, in-between the quotation marks, insert your Carnage key and save the file. 


Once completed you can re-open Carnage and you should be succesfully good to go. 


Once you've completed this, you're ready to set-up your profiles and tasks to succesfully use Carnage. You can find specific articles in regards to this within our Getting Started section.

What is my Carnage Key?

If you don't know what your license key is, you can check it via our dashboard. You can find more information in regards to this here

Once you have logged into the dashboard you will see a section like this.


You can simply copy and paste this into your settings file. 



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