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Proxies Tab In Carnage Bot

Below you can see the proxies section in Carnage Bot.

You are able import the proxies you want to use here.




Creating Proxy List

You are able to create multiple proxy lists, these can be divided into Countries, Stores etc.

In order to create a new proxy list you need to click "Create" in the bottom left corner and you will get a pop up like this:


Enter a name for your proxy list and click create.


Loading Proxies

You can now select your created proxy list and add proxies via the button in the bottom middle.



Paste your proxies and make sure to delete the format before you paste your proxies in to avoid errors. After clicking create your proxies will come up in your proxy list and you are ready to go.


Testing Proxies

After choosing your proxy list you can test if your proxies are working on the bottom right.

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