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Task Setup Guide for Shopware

On the tasks page select create tasks.

Select Shopware from the drop down.

Checkout Mode

Select Normal Here.

You must have a CapMonster key set in your settings in order to use Shopware.

Product ID/PID

For Custom Shopware you need the URL of the product for example :

(All you need is the URL of the product doesn't matter what store as long as it uses the shopware checkout flow. You can the sites that support this here.

You can also use this to see if a website is using Shopware, download this extension. Once downloaded, click on a website and it will let you know what platform the website uses.

If you want to checkout a certain size you need to use the URL size variant of the size that you are looking to buy for example.

Enter the URL into the "PID" section inside the bot.


Select your profile here.


Select your proxy list.

We recommend on Shopware that you run fast datacentre proxies or sticky residential proxies.

Payment Mode

PayPal : Will automatically checkout but you will need to complete the PayPal transaction via the link in your discord webhook. Wire Transfer : Will automatically checkout but you need to manually transfer the money via Wire Transfer.

Carnage will attempt to checkout on the Payment Mode you selected, if however it fails to do so, you will receive a webhook with the item on cart so you can complete the checkout manually, this is specially useful in sites which have cart hold.

If you are using cart hold on a shopware site and you can't see the cart, refresh the webpage a couple of times and it will pop up there.

You must have the Carnage Bot extension installed in order to checkout with PayPal.

Monitor Delay

Enter your desired monitor delay for this task.

Retry Delay

Enter your desired retry delay for this task.

This is a checkout therefore we cant recommended delays as each site is different.

We recommend a proxy to task ratio of 3:1 this is to help you avoid getting your proxies banned.


Example Task Setup For Shopware

Correct Statuses For Shopware Tasks

  • (Depends on the website)

Incorrect Statuses For Shopware Tasks

  • Error fetching delivery/payment info - Profile issue double check your profile.
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