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Saturn [DE]



Task Setup Guide for Saturn

In this article, we will cover how to set-up your tasks for a Saturn release. 

Create a task

To create a task, open your tasks.csv file within the Carnage folder.

Here you'll need to complete the following columns:


In order to run the Saturn module, input Saturn here. 

Check Stock

Here you can select whether you want Carnage to monitor the item before attempting checkout. You can either input True or False.

Product ID/PID

For this column you can either enter the PID or the URL of your desired product. 

If you would prefer to use the PID, then you can locate this at the end of the products URL.

In this instance, the PID would be: 2719022

Profile Name

Here you need to insert a valid profile name. Saturn is less strict when it comes to one checkout per profile/card so you are able to checkout multiple per profile. However some items such as GPUs are usually one per profile/card.


This module supports the option of selecting the quantity of the item that you would like to checkout. If you leave this empty, then the default quantity will be 1.


There is the option to use an account with this module. Here, you will need to input your account log-in details in a email:password format. If you have these details inputed, then the bot will automatically checkout via your account. Carnage will use your accounts pre-saved details for this, and NOT your profile information. 


There are six payment methods available. These are PayPal, Credit Card, GiroPay, Store, Vorkasse and Direct.

The Paypal option will send you a webhook that will allow you to checkout the item manually. You will need the extension installed for this.

You must have the Carnage Bot extension installed in order successfully access the Paypal link.

The Credit Card option will automatically checkout the item for you, You will likely need to be prepared to accept 3DS verification once this happens.

The GiroPay option is a payment method that is linked to your current account. Payments are debited directly from this and the goods value of a return is credited there.

The Store option allows you to checkout your desired item with the intention of picking the item up within store. To use this mode, you must select which store you would like to run for by filling in the Store_ID column. 

The Vorkasse option allows you to pay in advance. As soon as your order has been checked and processed, you will receive an order confirmation from Saturn with the invoice amount to be transferred.

The Direct option allows you to use the "Direktüberweisung" payment method. After checking out with this payment method, you will be redirected to the Deutsche Bank website.

You can find more information in regards to these payment methods here.

Store ID

We have complied a list of Store IDs for Saturn which you can find attached along side the task example at the bottom of this article.


There are two modes available. These are Default and Monitor.

The Default mode will checkout your desired item with your chosen payment method.

The Monitor mode allows you to monitor specific items. Once the task picks up that the item has come back into stock, then Carnage will start all additional tasks that you have prepared. 

With Monitor mode, you can use either the PID, URL or Keywords (for example "+PS5;+Digital;-Joystick") Here, if every positive (+) Keyword matches the product restocking, then your tasks will start. However, if one of the negative (-) keywords are present within the product title, then the tasks wont start. You can therefore use this method to ensure that the bot only starts on the products that you want. 

Additionally, Monitor mode wont use your proxies when in use on Saturn DE. Therefore you can run this mode 24/7 without using any data until the monitor task detects a restock and your task begins running. 

Once the monitor task detects stock, it will then begin the checkout process. 

Error Delay

Here you can set your desired Retry / Monitor delay. You can write this in a Retry-Monitor format. For example, we recommend using 3000-3000 for an initial release.

If you are using proxies, you may want to increase/decrease the delays depending on your setup.

Proxy List

Here you want to select the proxies that you would like to use. We recommend that you use a mixture of datacentre and sticky residential proxies to ensure the best likely-hood of success. 

We would not recommend that you run any more than two tasks proxyless.

We recommend a proxy to task ratio of 3:1 this is to help you avoid getting your proxies banned.


Example Task Setup For Saturn

You can click the image to enlarge it, or you can download this example file at the bottom of this article.

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