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Queue Pass



Task Setup Guide for Queue Pass

On the tasks page select create tasks.

Select Queue Pass from the drop down.



This module is aimed at sites that use the Queue IT virtual waiting room system this module is internet wide therefore it should work on all queue it sites. It should also work on sites that have Akamai if you find any bugs with certain domains please report them to us. This module will make your tasks wait in the queue and once they pass they will send you a web hook with access to the website so you can checkout manually.

For some sites you may have a captcha before you enter the queue therefore to be safe have a CapMonster or 2Captcha key entered on your settings page.

You can find out how to setup CapMonster here


Product ID/PID
For this section you need to enter the URL of the queue that you want to enter. For example:

Create a task

To create a task, click the green "Add Task" button in the bottom left. 
Here you'll have the following options:


Select your profile here. (Your profile will not be used for this module, therefore it doesn't matter what you select. However, you need to select something don't leave it blank)

Checkout Mode

Here you have two options. The first is Normal and the second is AMD.

If you are running this module as a backup for your AMD tasks, then select the AMD checkout mode. With anything else, you will want to be using the Normal mode. 

Payment Mode

Select Queue Pass Here.

Proxy List

Select your proxy list.

We recommend on Queue IT that you run fast datacentre proxies or sticky residential proxies.

We recommend a proxy to task ratio of 1:1 on this module.


Monitor / Retry Delays

Below we recommend to use the following delays:

For the queue-pass module, use 2000 on both monitor and retry. 


Example Task Setup For Queue Pass

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