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Carnage Rewards System

We have implemented a new reward coin system where users get coins awarded for posting their success pictures on Twitter (& tagging @CarnageBot). This is to encourage people to post their success on twitter. You can then redeem the coins for prizes!

How to obtain coins

1) Tweet your success picture and tag @CarnageBot

2) Post the tweet link in #success-flex discord channel.

3) You will rewarded 1 coin

If not followed, it will result in a removal of all your coins or a termination of your license key

1) No spamming links

2) No duplicated links

3) No abuse of the coin system

Current Prizes In The Carnage Store
10 Coins - Custom Venom Discord Role
15 Coins - Carnage stickers
30 Coins - 1 free renewal month
45 Coins - 1 free Carnage branded hoody or merch item
55 Coins - Beta early access for new website modules
65 Coins - 1 free month in AmNotify UK or IHOF UK
100 Coins - a 1/1 role with a unique colour (only one available)

How to check your coins
If you navigate to the #reward-commands channel you can post !coins and the bot will return how many you are on.

How to redeem your coins
1) Open a ticket #open-a-ticket
2) State what prize you want and we will take it from there

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