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Direct Asda


Task Setup Guide for Asda Direct (George)

On the tasks page select create tasks.

Select Direct Asda from the drop down.



Product ID/PID

You can find a PID on Direct Asda by locating the URL of your desired product for example.,default,pd.html

Direct Asda uses URLs so you can enter the URL into the "Product PID" section in your task creation.


Create a task

To create a task, click the green "Add Task" button in the bottom left. 
Here you'll have the following options:


Select your profile here.

Make sure you have a email on your profile that hasn't got a registered account on Direct Asda as this will cause email submitting issues.

Direct Asda is less strict when it comes to one checkout per profile/card so you are able to checkout multiple per profile. However some items such as PS5s, Xbox will most likely be one per person so make sure to change up your profiles.

Checkout Mode

Here you'll want to select Normal.

Payment Mode

There are two types of payment modes available. These are Paypal and Credit Card.

The Paypal option will send you a webhook that will allow you to checkout the item manually. You will need the extension installed for this.

You must have the Carnage Bot extension installed in order successfully access the Paypal link.

The credit card option will automatically checkout the item for you. You will most likely need to be prepared to accept your banks 3DS when this happens.

Proxy List

Here you want to select the proxies that you would like to use. We recommend that you use a mixture of datacentre and sticky residential proxies to ensure the best likely-hood of success. 

We would not recommend that you run any more than two tasks proxyless.

We recommend a proxy to task ratio of 3:1 this is to help you avoid getting your proxies banned.



Below we recommend to use the following delays:

Initial Item(s) release delays to use - 1,000

Restock delays to use - 15,000

Please checkout these two pages that cover Monitor tasks and Task Timers.

If you are using proxies, you may want to increase/decrease the delays depending on your setup.

Example Task Setup For Direct Asda

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