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How is it generally working? The intention of the quick task module is that other developer like your cook group devs or monitor devs integrate Carnage into their monitors in such a way that you could for instance just press a button and it would create and instantly start a task (requires that Carnage is started already).

Which port does it listen on? During the start up routine of Carnage the initializer will create a local listener. The listener will wait for the quick task event to occur and start a quick task accordingly. The listener is set to listen on port localhost:31181 using the http protocol and GET method.

How should the request look like? The URI is split into different sections. The host, path and query. Please see below how these look like and how these are interpreted:

// host

// path

// query

// The full request would look like this then

Please read the next section to understand what <value> is.

How do I create a quick task? First you should know that the value field should be passed as an URL encoded text. The content of <value> itself should be a JSON serialized task as you have them similarly in your tasks.json file in /CarnageData. Please view below an example JSON task:

    /* always required */
    "store": "",
    "product": "",
    "profile": "", // but NOT actually used (one of the profiles which was selected for quick task in the bot will be used)
    "paymentMode": "PayPal",
    "checkoutMode": "Normal",
    /* optional (but maybe required for some stores) */
    "size": "",
    "account": "",
    "stateId": "",
    "storeid": "",
    "sellerId": "",
    "priceLimit": "",
    "quanity": "",
    "discountCode": "",
    "taxId": ""

Are there any limitations? Quick tasks are working the same way as if you were to set up in the bot itself. For instance if the bot only allows PID for a module you can as well only set a PID for "product".

Important to know: We have realised that the pop up in Carnage itself when you pressed F2 showed "QuickTask" in the label which was wrong and created a lot of confusion. The better name for it is "Mass Link Change". Keep in mind also for this feature that you can't change the product for tasks of a store which only supports PID. There is currently no way of identifying the store just from a PID. Please use the "Change Selected" option when selecting multiple tasks and doing a right click.

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