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Task Setup Guide for Amazon UK/DE/FR/ES/IT

In this article, we will cover how to set-up your tasks for an Amazon release. 

Create a task

To create a task, open your tasks.csv file within the Carnage folder.

Here you'll need to complete the following columns:


In order to run the Amazon module, input Amazon here. 

Product PID / OfferID

For this column you need to enter the PID of the item that you would like to purchase. To find this, you will need to navigate to the page of the product. For example:

Once you are here, scroll down the page until you find the Additional Information section. Here you will find an ASIN number. This number can be used as your PID. In this instance, this would be B003LNLPQ6. Please note that using the ASIN number as your PID will only checkout items that are sold by amazon directly.


Alternatively, Carnage also supports the use of an OfferID. This is particularly useful when you have the item saved, but the product page isn't available. This option will checkout items that are sold by both Amazon, and any third party sellers. It is recommended that you consult your reselling group or our release guide for this. 


This module supports the option of selecting the quantity of the item that you would like to checkout. If you leave this empty, then the default quantity will be 1.

Price Range

Here you can input your desired price range. You need to enter this in a MIN-MAX format. For example, if you wanted to checkout something between the values of $400 and $700, then you would enter 400-700 here. This can be used for both ASIN and Offer ID PID's.

Profile Name

Here you need to insert a valid profile name. Currently only the UK, DE, FR and ES regions are supported. Please note that the country within your profile will determine what region you run for. The format of the country must be written fully. For example, UK should be United Kingdom. Carnage will use the default information stored on your Amazon account, and will not use your profile information.  


Here you will need to input your amazon account log-in details. The format of this is email:password. For example,

Additionally, if you are using proxies then you will need to confirm your log-in manually via the link sent to your Amazon accounts phone number when you first start your task. This is the standard, default sign-in verification for Amazon. If you encounter an error here, it is likely that you have "2SV" enabled. Carnage does not support this kind of verification at this point in time, and you will need to disable it within your account settings. 

Please keep in mind that sessions are shared per account (two tasks will share the same cart/session) It's therefore recommended that you run one task per account. 

Carnage also supports the use of business accounts.


There is only one type of payment method available. This is Credit Card.

The credit card option will automatically checkout the item for you. You will most likely need to be prepared to accept your banks 3DS when this happens. 


There are three modes available for Amazon. These are Default, Fast, Clear and Raffle.

The Default mode will checkout the product automatically. This mode supports both the PID and OfferID.

The Fast mode will use an alternative method for a faster checkout, this may be more prone to errors occuring. This mode only supports using a PID/ASIN number.

It is important that you ensure that there are no existing items within your cart before running these two modes.

Alternatively, the Clear mode will clear your cart before attempting checkout. 

The Raffle mode is used for any raffle's that you would like to enter. You can only enter each raffle once per account. You must use a valid Raffle link within the PID column for this.

We recommend that you check the product release guide within discord in order to view our recommendation on which mode to run. 

Error Delay

This is how often you would like your tasks to refresh. We recommend using 3000 here.

If you are using proxies, you may want to increase/decrease the delays depending on your setup.

Proxy List

Here you want to select the proxies that you would like to use. We recommend that you use a mixture of datacentre and sticky residential proxies to ensure the best likely-hood of success. 

We would not recommend that you run any more than two tasks proxyless.

We recommend a proxy to task ratio of 3:1 this is to help you avoid getting your proxies banned.


Example Tasks:


You can click the image to enlarge it, or you can download this example file at the bottom of this article.


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