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Using proxies within Carnage.

In this article, we will introduce proxies and their uses, and also how to incorporate these when using Carnage.

What is a proxy?
A proxy is a separate IP used to mask your home PC's connection to a website. That means you are able to run more tasks without getting banned.

Why and when should you use proxies?
You should use proxies to run multiple tasks on a specific website without getting rate limited or banned. Most websites will ban you if there are too many connections to their website from a specific ip address. To avoid this we recommend you to use proxies which will allow you to run more tasks and checkout more items.

What are the different types of proxies?
There are two main types of proxies, datacenter (DC) proxies and residential (resi) proxies.

DC proxies are hosted/run off datacenter servers this allows them to be quick which is very effective when running restocks for a certain item. The downside to DC proxies are that they are much more likely to be banned from websites.

Residential proxies are hosted in and around residential areas similar to your home IP address. These are much more reliable than DC proxies as they are much less likely to get banned due to the nature of their locations. The downside to residential proxies is that they usually come with a data cap. That means you can only process a certain amount of traffic through them which can make them expensive very fast.

Sticky residential proxies don't change their IP address per request, meaning they are more effective on sites that don't ban proxies heavy.

Rotating residential proxies rotate through different IP addresses as their name says. That make it much harder to get banned on websites.

Using proxies within Carnage.

When you first launch Carnage, a folder will appear on your desktop. This folder will contains 9 files, these are Accounts, Logs, Proxies, Profiles, Quicktasks, Tasks, Amazon Session, Settings and Success. Furthermore, within the "proxies" folder, you will find a automatically generated .txt file for you to input your proxies within. In order to use your proxies with Carnage, please ensure that you'r proxies are formated as IP:PORT:USER:PASSWORD.


Within the file, your proxies should be placed line by line. For example:


This file can be renamed and duplicated in order for you to create different lists depending on your needs. An example of multiple unique lists would look something like this:


You would then select which list you would like to use when creating your tasks by inputing the name of the file under the "proxy_group" column. It's important to note that this is case-sensitive.


We would recommend that you use atleast a 3:1 proxy to task ratio to help prevent your proxies from being banned. 


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