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Setting up your Profiles.

In this article, we will be covering how to set-up your profiles within Carnage.

When you first launch Carnage, a folder will appear on your desktop. This folder will contains 9 files, these are Accounts, Logs, Proxies, Profiles, Quicktasks, Tasks, Amazon Session, Settings and Success. Within the "profiles" folder, you will find a automatically generated blank .csv file for you to edit and complete. We recommend that you use Rons Editor for this. 


If you would like to randomize any part of your profile, then you can do so by adding RANDOM to your email, or XXX to your name, surname and address. Carnage will then fill in these with random letters / numbers. 

This file will contain the following columns:

Profile_name: Input what you'd like to call the profile here. This is the name used within your tasks in order to select the correct profile.

One_per_profile: This column allows you to choose if you would like one checkout per profile. To enable this, enter True here. 

Same_as_shipping: If you want to use the same billing information as your shipping information, then you can input True here. 

Email: Input your email here.

Phone: Input your phone number here.

Fname: Input your first name here.

Lname: Input your last name here.

Address_1: Input your address 1 details here.

House_number1: Input your House number here. 

Address_2: Input your address 2 here. 

House_number2: Input your second house number here if applicable.

City: Input your City here. 

Province: Input your province or county here. 

Zipcode: Input your zipcode / postcode here. 

Country: Input your Country here. 

Cardtype: Input either Visa or Mastercard here. 

Holder_name: Input the cardholders name here. 

Cardnumber: Input the card number here. 

Exp_month: Input the Expiration month of the card here. 

Exp_year: Input the Expiration year of the card here. 

CVV: Input your CVV here. 

Additionally, where applicable, you can also add different billing details if needed. These columns are:









Once completed, your profile should look similar to the example below. You can also download this example here.


In order to add more profiles, simply add another row beneath the existing one. 

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