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How can I setup Anti Captcha?

Anti Captcha is a service that is used to complete any captcha's that you may encounter. In order to use this service with Carnage, you will first need to head over to their website and create and account. Once you have done this, you can navigate to your dashboard and top up your balance here:


Once you've added to your balance, on the dashboard you will be able to find your API key which you need to copy and paste into the Anti Captcha section in the Carnage settings file. To do this, simply open the file with Notepad and scroll down until you find the "anticaptcha" section. Here, in-between the quotation marks, insert your Anti Captcha API key and save the file. 


Once completed, your settings file should look like this:


If Anti Captcha is required for a site then it will be mentioned in the site's specific article. 


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