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How to use a Catchall with Carnage.

In this article, we will cover using a Catchall with Carnage.

What is a Catchall?

A catchall is basically a custom end to an e-mail address that allows you to input anything you'd like infront of the @ sign. Any e-mails then sent to this address will get forwarded onto your personal e-mail of choice. 

A Catchall is particularly usefull if you are trying to buy multiples of the same limited item, as you can add a different email in each profile using the same domain. If you need help with purchasing and setting up the forwarding service, then there are various guides on youtube for this. 

Once you've purchased a domain, you can use your catchall within Carnage like this: 

When you first launch Carnage, a folder will appear on your desktop. This folder will contains 9 files, these are Accounts, Logs, Proxies, Profiles, Quicktasks, Tasks, Amazon Session, Settings and Success. Within the settings file, you will be able to input your catchall domain. To do this, simply open the file with Notepad and scroll down until you find the "catchall" section. Here, in-between the quotation marks, insert your catachall domain and save the file. 

An example of this should look like: 


Carnage will use this domain automatically for some specific sites. Therefore it is important that you have this filled in.

Additionally, you can also use this catchall within your profiles. An example of this would look like:


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