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How to disable your checkouts from appearing in the public webhook.

In this brief article, we will be going over how to disable your checkouts from appearing in the public webhook within the Carnage discord server. 

What is the Public Webhook?

Whenever you checkout an item with Carnage, a webhook will be sent to both the public webook within the Carnage server, and to your private webhook that you've set within your settings. The Public Webhook is modified to only show the item you've checked out, therefore nobody else can actually do anything with it. Think of it more like a public success log. An example of this would look like:


Why would you want to disable this?

Occasionally, you might want to run for an item that is considered under the radar or low-key. In these instances, you might want to consider disabling these checkouts from appearing in the public webhook, therefore preventing any information getting shared publically. 

How do I disable the Public Webhook?

In order to disable the public webhook, simply open your settings file with notepad. 


Once open, simply scroll along until you find the "public_webhook" text. Here, you will see that the default option is true, however if you would like to disable it then simply input "false" instead. An example of this should look like:


After you've changed this, simply save the file and re-open carnage. Your webooks should now only appear privately. 

If you need help setting up your private webhook, then please take a look at this article.


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