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How to use the Captcha Harvester.

In this article, we will be going over how to use Carnage's Captcha Harvester.

Some of the site's that Carnage supports have some sort of captcha related protection. This is in-place to attempt to filter out individuals botting their website, however Carnage has a way of handling this. 

How and when to use the Token Harvester,

Occasionally with some sites, you will usually have to solve some sort of captcha. When you start the task within Carnage, you will notice that your task first states that it is solving this captcha. Here, a browser window will automatically open. This new browser window will act as your captcha token solver, allowing you to complete the captcha manually so that Carnage can progress with the checkout process. 


Depending on the type of captcha presented, your token solver will look similar to the screens below.



Using Captcha Service Providers with Carnage.

Carnage can also solve these captcha's automatically by using a Captcha Service Provider. You will especially want to use one of these services if you happen to be running a large amount of tasks. We have a article for each of the supported providers here

When you use one of these providers, Carnage will automatically request for the completion of the captcha from the provider. After a small amount of time the captcha will be solved and Carnage will progess with the checkout process. If there is an issue with any of the providers used, then Carnage will skip to another provider. Because of this, we recommend that you have a small balance on each of them, just in-case one providers go offline during a drop. 

It's important to note that the browser token solver will open regardless on whether or not you are using a Captcha Service Provider. This is just in-case there is an issue, and that you need to solve the captcha manually. For the most part, you can ignore these when using these services.

You can also change how many harvesters you would like to open within your browser when a captcha has been requested. To do this, simply open your settings file with notepad, and scroll across until you find the "window_limit" text. Here, in-between the quotation marks you can input the number of harvester tabs that you would like to open. For example:


How and when to use the Captcha Harvester.

Occasionally, you might want to have the captcha tokens already prepared and harvested. Here you can use Carnage's in-built Captcha Harvester which allows you to pre-harvest Captcha tokens for when the bot needs them within your tasks. 

To use the harvester, simply select the second option when you first open up Carnage.


Here you can select which site you would like to pre-harvest for.


Here you will be asked to select how many threads you would like to run, and the delay you would like to use. You will then see that a number of harvesters browsers have launched, whilst Carnage has also made the request to the Captcha Service Provider to complete the tokens. 


After a small amount of time, you should see that a number of captcha's have been solved. 



Common Fixes.

If you run into an issue with your Captcha Harvester not appearing in your browser, then it is likely that your browser is redirecting the url from http:// to https://. To fix this, please see the article below.


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