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Using Quicktasks.

In this article, we will be covering what Quicktasks are and how you can use them within Carnage.

Firstly, a quicktask is a way of quickly creating and starting a Task within Carnage, without having to setup prior. To do this, you simply click on the quicktask link within your monitor when an item pings.

In order to use this function, you will need to complete and fill in a new csv located within your Quicktasks folder. 

You can find this here:


When you open this file, you will notice that it looks very similar to when you would normally create a task within Carnage. Simply fill in the columns available and then Carange will use this information for when you want to launch a Quicktask. If you want to have multiple of the same quicktask to launch, then you can simply duplicate the row as many times as you like. The information you fill in is the exact same as you would with a regular task, therefore please make sure you check the site specific guides for information on which column to fill. 

Remote Quicktasks.

Carnage also supports the ability to launch remote quicktasks. This means that you can start the quicktask from any device and from anywhere with just a click of the link. Firstly, in order to run remote quicktasks, you will need to connect to this link so that you can link your discord with the Carnage Remote Quicktask server. 

Carnage will use the all.csv that we set up earlier in the article as the default file for this. However, you can also create a new file for each seperate site if you wish. For example, mm.csv = Mediamarkt, saturn.csv = Saturn, otto.csv = Otto. The folder would now look similar to this:


Additionally, you can create CSV files that are region specific. For example, you can create files such as "amazon_DE" and "amazon_UK" etc. Here, Carnage will detect which region it needs to start and will use the accounts provided inside of this region specific task files. If you haven't create a region specific task file then Carnage will try and use a store specific task file if available. Furthermore, if you haven't created any specific task file it will use the details provided inside of the all.csv.

Make sure to setup every store now since remote QTs are VERY STRONG and working insanely good.



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