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Task and Proxy related - Common Issues

In this article, we will be covering some of the common error's that you may encounter whilst running Carnage. If you do not find your error listed here, then please open a ticket within the Carnage discord and a staff member will be with you shortly.

Proxy Related Errors:

Formatted Error.
This error suggests that your proxies are either inputted in the wrong format, or there is an empty line somewhere within your proxy file. Please double check that the format of your proxies matches the ones listed within our Proxy article, and that there are no empty lines hidden within the file itself. 

Manual harvester not loading or the page is not reachable.
If you happen to come accross an issue where your Manual Harvester pages are not loading, then you may need to edit your windows 'hosts' file and manually add the Harvester URL. 

You find this file here:


Once you've located the file, simply open it with notepad and paste the Harvester URL within. After which, make sure to save the file and relaunch carnage. You're harvester should now open correctly. 

Proxy Failed.
This error indicated that there is an issue with the proxies that you are running. This could be a number of things, such as the proxies being banned on the site that you are running, or simply running out of proxy data. Additionally, it could also suggest that your proxy file is empty. 

Undefined exception.
If you receive this error whilst running Carnage, then its likely that your proxies are not working correctly. Additionally, it could also suggest that you no longer have any data. However, if your proxies are 100% working than please open a ticket so that the developers can investigate further.

IP Blacklisted.
This Error suggests that your proxies are banned. Please try a different pool, or testing the proxies manually via a proxy switcher chrome extension.



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