General Questions

  • Carnage Rewards System

    We have implemented a new reward coin system where users get coins awarded for posting their success pictu...

    Carnage Support
  • What is a Proxy?

    What is a proxy?A proxy is a separate IP used to mask your home PC's connection to a website. That means yo...

    Carnage Admin
  • How do I install Carnage?

    Please visit our Getting Started category to be guided on how to install Carnage.

    Carnage Admin
  • What do I need to know before contacting you?

    Please make sure to read all our guides in our knowledge base here on Zendesk as well as the guides in our ...

    Carnage Admin
  • What sites require an account?

    For some sites you need to create accounts and insert them into Carnage. You can check if a specific site r...

    Carnage Admin
  • What sites require Captcha?

    Some of our supported sites request Captchas. Please refer to the specific site guides on our  sitelist to ...

    Carnage Admin

License Questions

  • How much does Carnage cost?

    Carnage has an initial cost of £250 and a monthly renewal of £25.

    Carnage Admin
  • How do I pay my monthly renewal fees?

    Stripe will charge you automatically on your renewal day. If the payment fails you will get a Discord direc...

    Carnage Admin
  • Activating your license

    If you buy your license through an official restock through our dashboard your key will automatically be ac...

    Carnage Admin
  • Renting out Carnage

    Renting out of Carnage is not allowed and will result in a permanent deletion of your license.

    Carnage Admin
  • Unbinding Carnage

    It is not possible to unbind your Carnage license from your Discord account. However if you decide to leave...

    Carnage Admin
  • Selling Carnage

    We are officially partnered with Botbroker marketplace. That means we only support sales on the secondary m...

    Carnage Admin
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